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KiK Mobility; the unique micromobility provider that’s putting money back into your pocket.

The world of micromobility is evolving at an incredible rate. The industry is one of the most innovative and fastest-growing in the world and the last year has seen dozens of companies launching electric scooters and bicycles in cities around the world.

With such a busy industry, it can be hard to stick out from the crowd but family-run KiK Mobility are doing just that. The European-based start up is shortly going to be launching the world’s first truly shareable micromobility solution that combines ownership with sharing; creating an active, friendly and eco-conscious community.

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How does it work?

The premise is very simple. KiK is encouraging its members to ditch their daily commute on packed trains or in fume-filled congestion and embrace the money saving and environmental benefits that using an electric scooter brings. Nothing new there, but what sets KiK apart from other electric micromobility providers is that each scooter in their network is not owned by them, but instead by regular people like you.

This means that those who sign up to the KiK network and purchase a scooter are able to use it as they like to get around the city, but when it is not in use they are able to rent it out to other users – and for every user that unlocks and rides that scooter, the owner will receive $9 an hour! That means just two hours a day can see scooter owners earning up to $540 each month.

That is a significant amount of money being put back into the pockets of each KiK member. Unlike some of the micromobility giants in the industry who are enjoying big profits, KiK Mobility is not looking to create a vast wealth themselves, instead their passionate team are focused on helping to build a truly sustainable and vibrant community.

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When an owner wants their scooter returned, they simply need to tap the boomerang feature in their app and the KiK team will collect the scooter, charge it and return it to a designated drop off location for a 25% fee of the hiring rate. It’s not just KiK owners who can earn with the company though, they are also encouraging people to sign up to become a ‘Charger’. These people will be responsible for helping to keep the network of KiK scooters in their area fully charged, and for each scooter they collect and charge, they will be paid $6.

The company also encourages each of its scooter owners to get involved in their community by offering local charities and groups free use of the scooter, as well as supporting owners with any events or community actions they are planning.  Called the KiK Owners Club, its idea is to help get more city residents active, earning money and exploring their community; which in turn will reduce traffic and pollution.

So as the start of the new decade gets underway, KiK Mobility are aiming to shake up the market and create the world’s first shareable micromobility solution.