DIane, a 36 yo happy mother and wife, working long hours, needs solution for easy and fast commute

Tired of the hectic commute? So is Diane.

We interviewed 100 people in order to understand their needs to commute to work, to go study, to ride around for leisure. We identify personas and their main issues. We address here solutions for them.

Life is hectic, particularly as a parent. Diane knows that better than anyone – with her little one in tow, her mornings are a chaotic routine as she juggles trying to get breakfast ready for her son, husband and herself alongside getting ready for another busy day in the office.

Of course breakfast is never a straightforward event and every morning she’s amazed at just how much mess and chaos three people can create (her son being the cause of most of it!). Things don’t get much better afterwards either; trying to get to kindergarten can be a time-consuming task not helped by the incessant phone calls from her boss who needs that all-important presentation on his desk by 11 am.

morning traffic chaosWith the little one safely in school, trying to get to work through the intense city rush hour is an unenviable task and no matter  how hard she tries, Diane is always in a  race against the clock to get to work on  time.She’s tried everything - from the subway, to the bus and even an Uber (which turned out to be an expensive option thanks to the surcharge) but neither proved to be any faster than the other.

All this time spent rushing around in the morning is not a great way to set yourself up for a full day’s work – particularly one as hectic as Diane’s. Dedicated to the job she loves, she works hard throughout the day, often skipping her lunch break to ensure the work is completed by the end of the day but despite her best efforts, leaving the office on time is a rare occurrence.

What happens when the working day is done? Well the stress and the rush of fighting back through the congested streets or packed subway begins again as she desperately tries to get home to spend a little time with her loved ones before it’s time for bed and the whole routine starts again…

mother and son

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy solution to her transport woes that could     get her to the office with time to spare; allowing her to complete her day’s work, leave on time and spend quality time with  her family? Just imagine if that solution   could also put extra money into her pocket too, which she could then spend on creating memories with them… 

Perhaps it’s time to discover KiK.