woman waiting the public transportation

Say goodbye to the morning chaos, Diane!

We interviewed 100 people in order to understand their needs to commute to work, to go study, to ride around for leisure. We identify personas and their main issues. We address here solutions for them.

Previously, we looked at the daily problems young mother Diane faces in trying to juggle her dream career with looking after the family home. Constantly in a rush, she faces a regular race against time trying to drop her child off at kindergarten and make it to the office on time. After a full day at work, she has to repeat the process just to get back in time for dinner.

woman at work

Here at KiK, we want to change Diane’s life for the better. That’s why we’ve launched a truly shared mobility concept that will revolutionize the commuting and urban transport market. Diane can finally say goodbye to the morning rush, worrying about whether she’ll will make the train in time or being able to hail down a taxi or pick up an Uber… with KIK, her ride to the office will never be easier, or more fun!


Anyone who has lived in a city will have undoubtedly seen the rise in electric scooters and bicycles from companies such as Bird and Lime, well here at KiK we’re taking that concept a step further… helping riders put cash back into their pocket in the process.

Our simple to use app lets users like Diane unlock a whole city of possibilities and ride the electric revolution; imagine cutting through the traffic in an emission free breeze, arriving at the office earlier than ever before. And after a full day at work? Say goodbye to the packed commuter train and glide home just as quick, where she will be able to enjoy quality time with her loved ones.

scooter and mobile She doesn’t have to worry about looking after her KiK either - our easy-to-use, all-in-one solution means that we take care of everything. A small service charge of 20% (depending on the level of investment made) every time her KiK is hired covers for maintenance and battery charging. We’ll even return it to a designated drop off point so she’ll always know exactly where the scooter or bike is.

By purchasing a KiK electric scooter or bicycle, users can then rent their machine out to fellow KiKers; seeing them earn $9 for every hour used. By sharing her KiK for a few hours every day, Diane will be able to put hundreds of dollars back into her pocket – which she can then use to treat her loved ones to a family day out; creating memories that will last a lifetime!

So if you’re finding yourself struggling to balance the work/life routine with your family needs like Diane is, revolutionize your commute with KIK and discover a whole new way to get around the urban jungle.