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The electric scooter invasion might save you money, but KiK lets you earn it!

Article published on February 22nd, 2019 by


A great article earlier this year on popular money website Nerd Wallet helped to point out the many benefits of owning an electric scooter. As author Philip Reed explains, there has been far too much negative press around electric scooters, with critics being too quick to demonize the vehicles without understanding the many benefits owning one can bring riders.

The introduction of app-based taxis such as Uber and Kapten revolutionised the mobility market; as fans leapt to take advantage of the cheaper prices and the ease of usage. Yet electric scooters which can offer an even cheaper solution to get around town, whilst simultaneously offering a green, eco-friendly solution, are yet to experience the same level of growth.

Dockless electric scooters have certainly started to make an impact in major cities across the globe as locals and visitors alike opting to use them instead of booking a taxi. But with over 50% of the world’s pollution being created by motorized vehicles, the less journeys we make by car the better the air we will be breathing.

In most cities, it’s rare to be travelling more than there miles in a single trip and a study cited in the Nerd Wallet article by DePaul University revealed that a three mile journey in Chicago would cost the user just under a dollar less than an Uber.

Alongside saving money on rides, there are also a number of other significant savings to be made by travelling to electric scooter – including the lower maintenance costs, no tax or insurance, no parking charges and most of all; no expensive petrol bills!

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Here at KiK, we want to not only give users the opportunity to make those savings but actually provide them with the chance to earn money. As the world’s first truly shared mobility provider, our users are able to purchase an electric scooter to use as they wish to get around the city – but instead of it sitting unused whilst you are at work, you can let other users rent it out; giving you $9 an hour (that’s $0.15 a minute for doing nothing!).  

We want to put the control back into the palms of our users. Our entire ethos is about empowering local communities which is why each of our users get ten free rides to offer charities and groups in their local community. We also encourage affiliations with local businesses to ensure every KiK rider will be able to interact even further with their local area and enjoy even more benefits. 








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Pre-orders are open now and we’ll be launching KiK in a city as soon as we have 1,000 orders in a location. To get involved, potential riders are able to secure their space in the pre-order queue for just $199, with the remaining balance being paid off nearer the launch date. Customer’s will then get their scooter two weeks before their city launch and can begin earning money.

One of the biggest criticisms of electric scooters is that they clog up pavements – but here at KiK, our owners are able to get their scooter collected, serviced, charged and returned to their designated drop off point for a 25% service fee. That means KiK scooters will always be returned to their owner and will not be left lying around unused on city streets. Our KiK users can even earn more by becoming a charger; earning a fixed charge rate of $6 for every vehicle they help to recharge.

So not only can you save money by switching to electric scooters, with KiK we’re letting our users go one step further and actually earn money whilst improving their local community.