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What are the advantages to be part of the KiK Owner’s Club

Increasingly congested cities, rising global temperatures and the inherent finiteness of fossil fuels have revolutionized the way that the world thinks about transportation. Rideshare apps and rentable scooters have been successful in cities around the world, but what if that kind of service could be owned by the people who use it?

Introducing the KiK Owner’s Club.  As KiK grows to new cities, so does our Owner’s Club.  By simply pre-ordering your KiK Mobility scooter, you become a part of a community of owners complete with real social interaction and numerous perks. When you pre-order your KiK Mobility scooter, you will receive your membership card, officially inducting you into the KiK Owner’s Club and connecting you with other owners in your city.



KiK membership card


  • Community

While KiK may be an online business, the services we provide are very tangible.  We believe that the community we build should also be offline, with meetups and events for all KiK Owners.  By becoming a KiK Owner, you will also receive discounts and deals for local stores and restaurants that can be accessed using your membership card.  Meet new people, make new friends and experience new things. 

  • Passive Income

Owning a KiK scooter gives you the opportunity to rent it to other riders when you are not using it.  This is an excellent source of passive income, and you can share the benefits of KiK Mobility with others in your community. With the security of our tracking software and easily accessible earning analytics, you can rent out your KiK scooter while going about your normal life. 

  • Urban Commuter

Owning a conventional automobile is becoming less and less practical in today’s industrialized urban environment.  By becoming a KiK Owner, you create an inexpensive and practical travel option for yourself.  Whether commuting to work, enjoying your weekend or making a quick trip to the store, you can avoid the hassle of paying for gas or calling a rideshare.

By riding a KiK scooter, you help to reduce your carbon footprint and decrease the constant congestion of urban streets.  The environment (and your wallet) will thank you. 

KiK scooterAnyone could buy an electric scooter online for personal use.  By buying a KiK scooter, you become part of a community and access a source of effortless passive income. You help to reduce the environmental effects of transportation and make your everyday commute easier.  Join the KiK Owner’s club today and evolve the way you view transportation.