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What will the future of transportation look like?

Technology has revolutionized the way we interact with the world around us. From smartphones that have put the world at our fingertips to electric powered vehicles; the world is vastly different to what it was just ten years ago.

This has meant that the future of transport is exciting. New technologies and inventions are changing the way we get around our cities and communities and whilst we might be some way off from flying cars or Teleportation, we are beginning to see what the next few years will shape up like.

Most experts agree that the immediate future lies in shared, electric and automated modes of transport. Climate change is demanding that we are adapt to the way we are currently moving around and in recent years, the rise of shared mobility ecosystems has exploded. From the likes of Uber to Lime, there is currently an array of car sharing, micromobility and for-hire services to choose from. As these become more cost-effective and efficient, then they will be increasingly more adopted and welcomed by the general public.

ecooter, shared mobility, future mobility, transportation

Over the next few decades, electric powered vehicles are going to become the go-to solution for all vehicle manufacturers. In America, 40% of the country is powered by non-fossil fuel sources but shockingly only 5% of transportation energy comes from non-fossil power. As we collectively become more conscious of our impact on the world, the use of decarbonised vehicles will be our priority and the use of electric powered bicycles and scooters, particularly in densely populated areas, will become the norm.

Citizens are realizing that commuting via cars, or using taxis to get around small distances, is a slow and highly polluting way of transport. Traffic congestion is common in the center of every major city, leading to many introducing ways to reduce this; such as banning cars or implementing high fees.

Here at KiK, we are adapting this modern technology now; encouraging people to disrupt the traditional way of thinking. Whilst dock less electric scooters are already becoming common in many major cities, here at KiK we are taking that a step further and offering people not only an eco-friendly way to get around but also provide them with a way to boost their earnings.

Over 50% of the world’s pollution comes from motorized vehicles, which is why we are encouraging people to switch up their commutes and ditch the gas-guzzling cars for a cleaner method of transport. Our electric scooters are the perfect solution to commute through town in a fun and energy-efficient manner – particularly with most journeys within a city coming in under three miles.

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Alongside offering a cleaner transport solution, KiK users have the ability to rent out their vehicles to other KiK members; giving them a chance to earn money from their scooter. For every hour that their scooter is hired for, a KiK owner will receive $9 and for a 25% service charge, the scooter will be returned back to a pre-determined location.

So whilst the long-term future of transport might be an unknown, the immediate future is already here. Over the next few years, electric micro mobility is going to become the most common method of transport in major cities – so join the KiK revolution today and start earning money!