FAQ notebook support


How long before the sale starts I am informed?

If you have signed up on our website, you will receive an email few days before a new sales starts.

How long the sale lasts for?

Usually the sale is on for a week but it can be shorter if the product goes sold-out! The retail price of the e-vehicle is announced and the price levels.  Stay tune on our social media to follow the evolution of the number of pre-orders received. 


How Does Pre-Order Work?

1. You pay a pre-order fees (the amount depends on the product) to reserve your e-vehicle.

2. Once the sales is over, we will e-mail you to inform you about the exact outstanding balance (deducting your pre-order fees). Once you receive this mail, you have 48 hours to make any change (refer to pint 4).

3. Once your order is fully confirm & paid, you'll receive a notification with the delivery date confirmation. And later one, you'll get your tracking number.

4. The pre-order is not refundablenot cancelable but it's transferable to someone with a delivery address in the same country as yours. You have 48 hours after you receive our email at the end of the flash sale, to confirm your order or to transfer your order to a friend. Once this delay is over, you have to keep your pre-order and complete the outstanding balance. You will need to send us a mail with in object: transfer my pre-order and copy the e-mail of the  person you will transfer the pre-order to. 

5. One pre-order could be transfer only one time. 

When will I receive my e-vehicle?

When we start the sales, we will inform you about the estimated delivery date of the e-vehicle.  Please make sure to provide your full address, your e-mail and your phone number. 

What are the guarantees?

This is subjected to each e-vehicle. During the sales it will be detailed for your reference. We are working on partner with local maintenance network to make things easier in case you are facing an issue with your e-vehicle covered or not by the guarantee. 

What about the insurance?

The e-vehicle insurance and coverage is to the legislation in your country. For some type of e-vehicles (e-scooter, e-bike) even though it could not be mandatory in your country, we do recommend to subscribe to an insurance to be protected in case of accident, or thief. We are working to partner with insurance companies offering coverage specially adapted to urban mobility.