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 Ride Electric, Go Green

You believe in our mission and want to go one step further?

Sign up to be part of the global community of urban mobility. Together we are stronger to reduce our carbon footprint and to develop quiet environment. You are not alone anymore, you are be part of a group of people across the globe who are riding in the same direction. Follow us on social media to be able to connect with others. Be active, comment, repost and share with your friends and your community.

You know how we do Flash Sales at KiK Mobility? The more , the lower. The more people do their pre-booking by paying their pre-order, the lower the outstanding balance will be. This is the power of the community.


Next step? R&D

We are working on developing an easy connectivity solution for all types of electric vehicles that we sell on our platform (e-scooter, e-bikes, e-moped, e-cars - 2 seaters). We want to bring to the market an agnostic e-vehicle IOT box with an embedded sim card so you will be able to connect your e-vehicles  with your smartphone. to track track your routes, your speed, your statistics... 

But it's even more than that. Imagine being able to connect with others on a e-vehicles sharing platform. You'll be able to join a local group, share your e-vehicle to other users in your neighborhood. Sharing is smart. Sharing is sustainable. Sharing is earning. We want to empower local urban mobility  communities. This is how that, step by step, cities can go greener for the benefits of all of us.