What we believe in!

At KiK, 

What drives us is to move towards a sustainable way of consuming and of living. But, it's not easy. Our global system has been working since decades on  hyper consuming model based on always more, always faster, always better. Don't get us wrong; we don't plan to go live in the Gobi desert in Mongolia eating roots and riding a horse to go to the closest town! We believe it is possible to bring fairness and sustainability as the two pillars to define our mission, to set up our objectives and to draw our development line.

Our aim at  KiK Mobility is to bring concrete solutions to commute to handle short trips. Solutions that will benefit communities globally and locally by adopting and riding electric vehicles. Step by step, together, we can make things change.  

Ride Electric, Go Green!

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new" (Socrates)


Our focus

We sell urban electric vehicles that give easy solution for short commute, but depending on the vehicle type can allow a trip up to around 100 km. The selection is made from established suppliers working globally and in compliance with Europe and US regulations. It includes E-scooter, e-bikes, e-moped, e-cars (mainly 2 seaters). 


How it works?

We organize flash sale on our website. Our concept is to empower community of users. The more, the lower! Each sales, there is one e-vehicle selected.

The retail price will decreases as the number of orders increasesThe price levels per quantity are fixed so as the pre-order fees.  As the number of pre-orders rises, the outstanding balance decreases. 

Regarding maintenance and insurance, please refer to the dedicated section in our FAQ.